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What GMO’s are and Why They Should Be Kept Out of Your Smoothie Mix

What GMO’s are and Why They Should Be Kept Out of Your Smoothie Mix

More and more people are beginning to understand the issues associated with Genetically Modified Organisms or as they are commonly referred to as GMO’s . There’s a growing movement of people taking a stand in order to take control of what goes into their bodies. These days, adopting a healthy life style by following a balanced diet and exercise has become more popular than it has been in recent decades. Unfortunately, sugars and GMO’s found their way not only into soft drinks but also to fruit drinks like smoothies, smoothie mixes and other fruit related products that were supposed to be a good, healthy and convenient snack for you – a meal replacement.



What is GMO?


By now you’ve probably heard all kinds of things about GMOs, but may not fully understand what they are. Genetically modified organisms are plants and animals that have been modified at the intercellular level to attain a certain attribute. It’s most commonly used to get bigger crops that are resistant to disease. These products have genes from other plants, animals, and even humans spliced in to get the desired result. Some of these modifications might have no ill-effects on those who ingest them, but the choice should be up to the customer.



Sugar and Additives


The vast majority of the foods found in grocery stores today are processed pretty heavily. Processing foods can increase convenience for the general population, but at a cost. Even juice is being processed to the point where actual juice content is reduced to a minimal percentage with the remainder being made up of sugar and other additives. These extra ingredients make a once healthy option substantially worse than it should be. Luckily, there are some brands out there trying their best to make a difference by producing fruit drinks and smoothie mixes that are 100% juice and certified non GMO. A non-GMO smoothie mix that was made with 100% juice for example delivers a much healthier product free of engineered ingredients, added sugars or additives.



NON-GMO Smoothie Mix

A certified non-GMO smoothie mix assures that the fruits and vegetable present in the product have not been genetically engineered or modified. The likelihood of GMOs presence in smoothie mixes increases significantly in the presence of soy or corn related ingredients (e.g. soy milk, corn syrup etc). A non-GMO seal of approval on your favorite smoothie mix assures that the manufacturer has submitted each and every ingredient to the certifying authority (like GMO Project for example) for approval. The certifying authority then reviews the specification sheet of each ingredient present in the smoothie mix prior to approval. Another way to avoid GMO’s is to look for a "certified organic” seal of approval on products that encompasses a NON-GMO benefit. Remember that at the end of the day, smoothies are supposed to be healthy snack. Reading your smoothie mix label will assure that you make an educated decision as to what goes into your body. Vitamins, minerals, proteins and real fruits – in; genetically modified organism, sugars and preservatives – out.

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